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Life! In All Its Fullness

Jenny and I had a wonderful two weeks in Japan despite the heat and humidity, because of course, it is the middle of summer there in August. 192 more words


Learn English! Language, accent & "Belonging": is multiculturalism the product of linguistic imperialism?   

In week 4’s tutorial we were discussing speaking English in Australia, and the difficulties in navigating the language barrier when talking to those not completely fluent or not familiar with the “Aussie” accent. 563 more words


Notes on a Milestone.

Just a brief note to mark the passing of a milestone for this blog. WordPress informs me that I have now published over 200 articles. That figure surprised me a little. 308 more words

Defend The Modern World

Respect and tolerance are not what we need for Europe’s diversity

Michiel Luining ᅵmichiel.luining@gmail.com

Today multiculturalism is said to have failed in Europe. We can recall the statement made by Angela Merkel in 2010 on the topic. 1,334 more words

Hello Europe

Art Initiative Explores The Imagined Space Where Islam Meets L.A.

Art as a means for encouraging understanding and contributing to conversation and dialogue:

“What I was interested in doing is deflecting this idea of a certain line of questioning or a certain representational show that is so often associated with a group show organized around identity matrixes,” Sahakian declared to HuffPost.

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So While ISIS Threatens A 9/11 Style Attack On The USA....Russia Invades The Ukraine....Obama Ignores Congress...

…instead of asking the right questions the press decides to ask him about his tan suit? Seriously did they really care if other Presidents wore a certain type of a certain and made comments on this in this manner? 45 more words

Red World Order

Normal black behaviour at Notting Hill Carnival

A couple of days ago the headline on the front of the print edition of the Evening Standard was (paraphrasing) “Woman attacked for standing up against groping”) 951 more words