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Get in the flow: the myth of multi-tasking

We often resort to multi-tasking thinking we can get more done that way.  We think we can do many things at the same time to save time and energy. 1,011 more words


5 Steps to Have a Productive Good Day

On your day off, do you ever find yourself doing absolutely nothing and regretting it? You had so much to accomplish and yet you barely touched your to-do list.   867 more words


Response to "Understanding the Digital Generation"

I think the article makes a lot of useful points. Students of the digital generation do learn differently than the way most teachers educate. Teacher’s are dealing with an entirely different kind of student that they may be unfamiliar with. 519 more words

Digital Generation

Caring for Multi-hatters

Multi-hatters are a blessing in the small church…and often a necessity! I am so very grateful for the volunteer ministers in my parish who serve in two–sometimes three–different roles. 550 more words


What if women ruled the world?

I attended my grad school orientation today and noticed something interesting about the panel.

4 out of the 5 participants were women.

Not to say that this is any indicator or statistic of anything but imagine for a minute what the world would be like if all forms of government in the United States (or your country) were like this. 225 more words

Thoughts On Life

Crown Brush Blush Palette


I have a few things from Crown Brush UK, I love their brushes and their palettes. I don’t think I’ve bought anything online from them but I do love to pick up brushes and palettes when I see a stand at a beauty show because they’re always that little bit cheaper. 239 more words