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David's thought of the day 32.

They say men cannot multi-task. I am listening to a podcast, writing this post and playing the 4th wing of Naxxramas on Hearthstone. In your face stereotypes. 

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Multi Tasking...

When you become a Mum you start to do things differently. You become the Queen of multi tasking. Take today for example…

I have been alone with Joshua all day and I have actually managed to get things done… 399 more words

Wearing 8 hats!!!

How interesting is it to play multiple roles at once. Project manager, mother, wife, daughter, counselor, friend, nurse…etc. the list can go on forever. How many hats can a woman wear in one day before losing her marbles? 196 more words


Get in the flow: the myth of multi-tasking

We often resort to multi-tasking thinking we can get more done that way.  We think we can do many things at the same time to save time and energy. 1,011 more words


5 Steps to Have a Productive Good Day

On your day off, do you ever find yourself doing absolutely nothing and regretting it? You had so much to accomplish and yet you barely touched your to-do list.   867 more words


Response to "Understanding the Digital Generation"

I think the article makes a lot of useful points. Students of the digital generation do learn differently than the way most teachers educate. Teacher’s are dealing with an entirely different kind of student that they may be unfamiliar with. 519 more words

Digital Generation