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And so I arrived ...

I had some seriously good karma come my way over these past few days.

I somehow managed to lose my laptop at Jakarta airport – thankfully four lovely Indonesian police officers were more than willing to delay the flight (for security reasons, of course) and run through the airport on my behalf to look for it.   313 more words

Get the Best out of Muay Thai Training in Phuket

Those individuals who are in love with fighting or martial art, Thailand is considered as the heavenly place as the most old-style and attractive fighting art, Muay Thai is invented from there. 489 more words


Fight or flight

Last week I very briefly touched on the subject of the ‘fight or flight’ response that is ingrained in us as human beings, anyone that fights or trains regularly will know that one of the hardest things about Muay Thai or any fighting discipline in general I guess is developing that killer instinct that’s needed in the ring. 804 more words

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One day to go until collector's show in Ipswich

Here we only have one sleep nw until our second show in our shop at Autographed Memorabilia at SHop 601/602 Ipswich City Square,20 Nicholas Street Mall,Ipswich 4305. 286 more words

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Your Body's the Best Instructor, If you listen

     Back in my Kendo days, I ran across a sort of challenge for sword art practitioners. It was to perform 1000 swings for 1000 days straight. 423 more words

Get a strong body and mind with Muay Thai!!

Do you like being called smart and attractive? Do you hate having a plump tummy? Obviously, the answer would be a big yes!   A fit body is loved by everyone. 326 more words

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Training weeks...

One of my new readers posed a very interesting question about my training regime, in particular, my regime including weights.  He asked if I would be willing to share my training schedule so here it is! 1,173 more words