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I am NOT a Men's Rights Activist. Here's Why . . .

Am I going to piss off my reader-base with this post, or what? Fuck it.

Okay, you guys know I’m not a feminist. I’ve been very open about it. 3,888 more words


Some Thoughts on the Men's Rights Movement

These are just some general observations surrounding the growing Men’s Right Movement (MRM), Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs), and the grudge match they have with feminist. 1,150 more words

Urban Legends

The first person to approach Neil was Jared. He placed his coffee cup on a stack of completed forms and seated himself in the chair facing Neil’s laminated name plate, scooting forward and folding his hands on the desk. 1,860 more words

Michelle Most

Clean the Carburettor – Being Politically Correct

If, I were asked to suggest a politically correct agenda for Indian MRM then I will not be very happy. Reason, the last thing I want to hear from anyone associated with Indian MRM is that the MRM agenda is not correct (either politically or apolitically). 821 more words

Gender Bias

Your Dream Marketing Organization

Check out our new video:

To better explain what Best Practice™ is about, we were thinking about having the following voice over:

“You know all those things that you would like for your marketing organization; all the changes you will make, just as soon as everything else is in place… 81 more words

Working Smarter 
With A Sharp Axe

When I think of working smarter – I can’t help recalling Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote:
 “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe”. 414 more words

Just What the Fuck Is This Even?

Early today I rolled over in bed to see my boyfriend watching a video on VICE called The Women of the Men’s Rights Movement. My immediate reaction? 791 more words