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Why Mr. Spock is such a damn good character

Yes, I am a Star Trek fan and proud to proclaim it. Although I liked Patrick Stewart’s run, my heart is with the original and my favorite character of all is Mr. 439 more words

Populie: Education is the Answer... August 6, 2014

 Jonathots Daily Blog


“Knowledge is the doorway to understanding.”

It is a popular belief.

It moves on the premise that the more we know about any given subject, the better our chance of participating or being tolerant. 658 more words


Beam me up, Scotty!

As a kid, I watched Star Trek on Saturdays, the sci fi possibilities of life out there fascinated me. Except for Mr. Spock’s weird ears, Captain Kirk and Scotty, not much remains clear but a hodge-podge of eerie creatures. 30 more words

The Difference between Diversity & Inclusion

Many people seem to think diversity and inclusion (D&I) are the same thing.  There is actually quite a huge distinction.  And, to have one without the other is to invite chaos and/or have a flawed strategy. 771 more words

See The Ultimate Trekkie Playroom

Ok, I admit it, I peeked.

Does that make me a “Trekkie”?

I think not, in spite of enjoying the original TV series, most of the spinoffs and most of the movies. 43 more words