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Life happens

Wow. What’s that saying “be careful what you ask for, you just might get it?” Um….YEAH! If you refer to my previous post, you will understand; I just got what I put out there… 358 more words


Lessons learned from apartment life

In my short time as an independently-living 20-something, I’ve moved around a bit. It wasn’t entirely planned. I wasted a bit of money (read: thousands of dollars) in the process of it all. 3,244 more words

Lemme Tell You A Story!

When the World Seems Too Big

A couple of days ago I moved out of the small town of Reading and into the British capital: London. Home to over 13 million inhabitants, including some of Hollywood’s hottest stars; world-famous landmarks, such as Buckingham Palace and Tower Bridge;  834 more words

I Can't Believe it's Already September

Sometimes it feels like every year that passes by goes more and more quickly. Some days I can hardly believe that I already finished four years of my undergrad. 177 more words

Getting Personal

Back Again For Round 2

I’m back! This year has been an interesting one, for sure. I’ve fallen in love with running, and ran my first 5k, 10k, and half marathon, all within the last year! 196 more words

Whole 30

Moving With Kids

Moving With Kids

It’s finally here. The Great Move of 2014, where two houses become one, where the great war between the clans will finally end. 744 more words



A day late, a dollar short. Well, a day late, at least.

I intend to post on the last day of each month to summarize what I’ve been up to here at Alaska-Fairbanks. 753 more words