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The ex Love Story

There once was a young girl who dropped out of college to pursue her dreams. Along her journey in pursuit of her dreams, this girl, met a boy. 1,345 more words


The Last

I shall write of her no more

Though she was everything that I asked for

All this time I’d been sitting by the door

Waiting, till everything was beyond sore… 63 more words


Ink-Stained Hands

Life is all about moving on.

First you’ve got to move on from milk to solid food

From a crib to a real bed

From staying at home to going to school… 190 more words


There I was...

What gets me into trouble all the time? My habit of waiting.

Here I am again, messing myself with my own feelings. Pretending that everything is fine when in fact it’s not. 266 more words


Today is a new day... START!

There are a lot of things that people our age worry about; when I say ‘our age’ I’m speaking of over 25, though I can see anyone in their 20’s having these feelings. 954 more words

I wrote this when I was drunk # 9

“What if he comes back? Ah, but what if he doesn’t?”
When you meet that someone again after not seeing him or her for a long time, you might think you’re “destined” for each other and that he or she’s “the one”. 120 more words

Aller D'avancer

As much as we want to fool ourselves into believing we are going to be together, reality faces us, and doesn’t resist in smacking us across the head. 701 more words

Life As A Queer Woman