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Types of Exes

Hello hello!

There are a couple of different types of exes, most directly related to the type of boyfriend.

If your boy was needy he can be considered the “Crazy Ex” 367 more words

The downside of Facebook - his mum

His mum is in Facebook. She posts a lot! She posts so much that she appears in my newsfeed several times a day.

I don’t want to break the connection because I want to know how he get’s on with life at a way later date. 166 more words

Always hope .. or learning how to let go

My friend stayed over last night. He is so incredibly different from Bryn. Not in a right or wrong way – just in the way that all humans are different. 713 more words

Move Along

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I’ve got my second “Question of the Day” post for you today. You can check out the first one here. Enjoy! 584 more words



It has been 21 days since I last spoke to you and you to me. It’s sad and somewhat pathetic that I have to keep track of the days, but it helps. 354 more words


Just Another Day

Day after Labor Day/First day of school 2013

7 AM

Wake up.

No really, wake up.

Seriously…I have no problem dumping water on you…

Good morning, sweetie, good of you to join the living. 367 more words


Going Home

I’ve just gotten to spend the last four days with one of my best friends in Virginia. I hadn’t seen Maggie in about two months and I was so excited to see her new home! 277 more words