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Movie Review: Stuck in Love (2012)

Directed by: Josh Boone

Written by: Josh Boone

Starring: Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins, Nat Wolff, Logan Lerman, Kristen Bell, and Liana Liberato

“I remember that it hurt. 306 more words

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Moms Night Out Review

I watched moms night out about week ago and I was a great movie especially for those moms out there that feel like there lives are super hectic you will be able to relate so well to this movie so it started off with a mom that really needs a night out their night starts out to be a total nightmare be then they turn it all around. 84 more words

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Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review!!

I’ve been dying DYING, to see Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy since I watched the trailer. Well, last night I finally watched it on the big screen! 506 more words

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The Right Kind of Wrong : A Movie Review

I love romantic comedies. It’s pretty hard to find great romantic comedies in the cinemas nowadays. What we have in our cinemas are mostly action movies, sci-fi films, and the occasional horror flicks. 883 more words


Movie Review: If I Stay

If I Stay is a film adapted from the book of the same title written by Gayle Forman. I had read the book only a few days before seeing this and so I can see how true to the book the film is. 486 more words


As Above, So Below (2014) Review

Posted by: Anthony Wallace

From director John Erick Dowdle of 2008’s ‘Quarantine‘ comes a terrifying journey into the darkest places on earth. When archeologist, Scarlette, discovers a finding that may lead to the discovery of a sorcerer’s stone, she along with her friend George partners with outsiders to uncover the whereabouts of this historic artifact. 744 more words

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Better Living Through Chemistry

If you’re in a rut, if your life is boring as hell, if your wife is a bitch, whatever… this is the movie to watch. Maybe this movie will give you the kick in the ass you need to do something about it – just maybe without the infidelity and hardcore drugs. 49 more words

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