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Diego Margiotta - An unconventional mountaineer


Elusive and reserved, coy and modest, almost surly: this is how we often imagine mountaineers of yesteryear to be. Diego Margiotta is all this and more. 2,405 more words


Cam,Wallnuts, Peenuts, Offsets DMM @123Mountain.com

Gear like the Alloy Offset Set of 5 DMM and Brass I.M.PS 2 DMM will prove to be valuable assets when ascending any slope.

When looking for products like the Alloy Offset Set of 5  375 more words


Great day on a lovely wee cliff Camelot Slabs.

Yesterday was a great day and I was very lucky as I had an offer of a day on Ben Nevis with Dan Carol and a few friends on Tower Ridge. 655 more words


Taking it slow

Of all my climbs in the past year, I have always noticed one thing, pinoy mountaineers are obsessed with speed. Getting there fast is always the goal. 246 more words



Hello again! It’s been a while!

It’s currently 9:51 AM and the third day of Fall Semester. I’m sitting in Braunstein hall waiting for my Physics II class to start. 313 more words

Boots and gear how far have they come on over the years.

When I started on the hills with my Mum,Dad and family our kit was so basic, money was very tight and we wore what we had and still had great times. 886 more words