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Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier, Washington State.

Shot on the Nikon D50.


Pilgrimage 2014: 6500 ft Classroom

We geared up today for mountaineering school in the Rainier National Park. The ride from Ashland to the  park takes about 40 minutes. You cannot see Mnt Rainier from  the road, it’d just too dam big and your too  dam close. 599 more words

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Random Plant: Pearly everlasting

Of about 100 species of everlastings that are found throughout the world, only one is native to North America.  Pearly everlasting (Anaphalis margaritacea, Asteraceae) inhabits much of the continent and can typically be found in prairies, meadows, and in waste spaces along roads, fields, and vacant lots. 125 more words


Pilgrimage 2014: No Zimmer at the Bunkhouse

I stopped in at the Highlander bar and grill for a quick burger in backcountry Washington. Stevie Ray Vaughan played on a jukebox to the break of a cue ball under a neon Budweiser sign. 717 more words

Camp Muir

Pilgrimage 2014: final equipment check

Coleman waterproof matches, Kopplin’s compass whistle and thermometer, vapur collapsible water bottle, 4 in 1 keychain screwdriver tool with led non working flashlight, three working flashlights, julbo glacier glasses, one size fits all rain poncho durable hooded, reusable. 162 more words

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Pilgrimage 2014: Complicated Simplicity

Day 2 finds me sitting in the 18 x 36 ft ice cream parlor, gourmet coffee bar, breakfast cafe, Whitaker bunkhouse lobby and museum dedicated to all things climbing. 795 more words

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Pilgrimage 2014: Fear and Loathing at the Recovery Cafe

24 hours in Seattle and can’t leave the city center. I find myself in gratitude for the weather and am slowly realizing that the man made part of my journey is part and parcel of the point. 855 more words

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