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My Phantom Pain Theory

Have you ever thought that the pain and hurt we feel due to past relationships gone wrong or actually being hurt by others in our past are some what like what they call “Phantom Pains” in those that have lost limbs?   384 more words

Persistence is the key to living your dream

It’s not easy to stay on the path all the time, believe me, I know. How many times did you left something unfinished, just because you’ve got scared you won’t finish it? 81 more words

Words Of Wisdom

kidney stones & questions.

I promise that I’m usually not a sickly person. But here lately, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t believe me. 

Friday was an interesting day. 1,970 more words

Keys to Success: Succ-Ess


Last time I gave you the secret formula to obtaining success, and Im sure it was not as glamorous or complex as you thought it would be. 795 more words


Never forget just how valuable YOU are!

Sometimes we forget our value.  Someone we love leaves us for someone else, we get fired from a job, or we try so hard to succeed at something and still fail.   177 more words


Keys to Success: Twice the Work and Twice the Smarts

Work Harder and Smarter

A lot of people are looking for that one secret that will put them in the category of successful people. We all want to know what can we do today, that which will make all of our dreams come true. 830 more words


Keys to Success: Find Pain

Find Pain

“We Have to stop looking at pain as if it is something negative”

Eric Thomas

Wise words from a man who has been sculpted from the irons of pain.

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