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Keep calm and just write

I know I haven’t been writing much here and I feel so bad every time I visit my own blog. Seeing that my blog’s stats still continue to increase makes me feel even more guilty for not sharing any new or interesting topics. 122 more words


Be amazing

I’m in the midst of a huge writing project, and I have serious doubts about whether I’ll meet the deadline. But it’s an absolute deadline, so I really have no choice. 145 more words

Move Yo' Body

Starting so small for the next few weeks, because if I moved anymore than this I would die. Legit. My friends are trying to convince me to join the gym… Yup.


Motivational Quote of the Day

  I’ll never get it back. Have to have to make it happen. 

Get Fit

What to Expect

This journal/blog’s purpose is to motivate me to do something artistic on a daily basis to help me get back into form. Or at least to be able to produce artwork that I don’t automatically hate and perpetuate a self-loathing over my inability to “draw good” anymore. 65 more words