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The New Normal

It’s been over a week since my son left for college and I still close his bedroom door every night and open it in the morning. 481 more words

A Painful Reaction

 When dealing with and going through a divorce there are many things that arise that are very uncomfortable and difficult to handle. Adjusting to new living arrangements, different schedules, old friends lost out of sides chosen, and new people entering in their places. 903 more words


She’s bent over, hands on her knees; breasts thrust out; ass adorned with a homemade bunny tail, pinned to a black leotard atop black pantyhose; homemade felt bunny ears on her head. 1,169 more words

Childhood Shit

If she only knew...

My mother seems to be convinced that I am a lesbian. Which for her is a terrible thing because she is an increasingly conservative Catholic woman. 25 more words


the challenges that parents face

We have written a few times on parenting and children.  Now, we share these sundry thoughts.

Raising children, especially in these terrible times, can seem to be a thankless chore. 918 more words


Woman With Alzheimer's Remembers Daughter

Kelly Gunderson’s mother is 87 and has Alzheimer’s. But that didn’t stop her from suddenly recognizing and remembering her daughter.

Mom:  “Isn’t it wonderful?”
Kelly:  “Yes, it is.” 11 more words

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