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Accepting Your Limitations

I’ve always admired those moms who seem to do it all and do it well.  We might call them “supermoms.”  But I’ve come to a conclusion about the truth behind these women.  544 more words


12 weeks pregnant

There is a saying “sometimes it gets worse before it gets better”…
This is definitely true for me. Week 11 was pretty crap for me. But now its my 12th week and I have to say im starting (slowly) to feel better. 73 more words


To my other mother

I still hate you. One more year.

Jason Cushman
-Opinionated Man
Ahn Soo Jin


What We Share

An enjoyment of baked goods. I didn’t eat any of these but I am sure we would have had fun together if we did.

Cake flowers from NYC shot last Spring… 73 more words


Parenting 101: Moms Day OFF!

P.S. No judgements …we all just NEED a damn day off sometimes!!


Dead wood

I spent Labor Day cleaning.  Well, not exactly cleaning as much as tossing and shredding.  The vaccume has yet to hit the floor for the final sweep.  467 more words