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20 Questions

A sermon based on Psalm 105:1-6 and Exodus 3:1-15 preached on August 31st, 2014.

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 I’m here.

The first two words Moses speaks to this new mysterious presence that has appeared in front of him. 

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Today God is First: Standing in the Gap

Today’s Prayer,
Dear God, Thank you for being with me through another day and night. Thank you for answered prayer. And thank you for continuing to love me in spite of myself. 705 more words

Prime Time With God

What Does the LORD Require?

God instructed Moses to make a second set of tablets, and told Moses He would write on them the words he wrote on the first tablets. 474 more words

Leviticus 1

Leviticus 1 has the Lord now in the tabernacle and calling out to Moses.  He now has a place where He resides with His people.  He gives Moses instruction around the offering of sacrifices, telling him to speak to the people and let them know they need to offer a “ 358 more words

Arlin Sorensen

God's Big Story and Really Old Sermons

I want to share some particularly poignant excerpts from a sermon by the 4th century Church Father of Cappadocia (in Asia Minor, modern day Turkey), Gregory of Nazianzus. 872 more words

The Transfiguration

Jesus brings Peter, James and John up a mountain, it is not named in the Bible but many have speculated that it is Mount Tabor. While they are up on the mountain Moses and Elijah appear and start conversing with Jesus. 298 more words