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Ever since arriving in Bolivia, I have wanted to begin writing about my experiences here as well as share with the world the culture and people of Bolivia and the wonderful work being done here to improve their education. 149 more words


Superhero Powers

So, College has been keeping me quite busy this week. And that’s good. Staying on top as far as my Calculus assignments should be among my highest priorities. 286 more words

Philosophy In Application

I Don't Wanna Be Happy

God doesn’t care about your happiness. God cares more about your character. Lots of people are into being happy all the time like it’s supposed to be the basis of living. 552 more words


A Shameless Book Plug


I just wanted to announce the release of a new, children’s chapter book by world-renowned author, Stephen F. 263 more words

What I Have Learnt This Summer...

I have had an incredible summer, and I have learnt an awful lot. After being reunited with my sister as she returned from her trip abroad I realised how much I had missed her, and how lucky I was to have her in my life. 266 more words

Why I'm Wary of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge...

I didn’t like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge when I first saw a video of someone pouring a bucket of ice water onto himself, but I didn’t have any reason to dislike the Internet phenomenon other than the fact that I’m always skeptical of new trends, so I didn’t say anything against it. 523 more words