August, 2014: Monthly Summary

I think I’ve been writing the title of these posts in a grammatically incorrect fashion for some time. I’ve been following tradition, though I decided to correct it, and skip tradition. 125 more words


What I Read in August

After a month of not posting, I almost forgot how to start a post on here! The past couple of months have been very slow for me as far as reading goes and busy in other ways, so I took a break to try to read and focus on some real life things for a while. 751 more words

Monthly Summary

Monthly Summary - August 2014

$56,815.49 paid off | 33 months to go

Summary: About $5000 left of my med school loans! Over 45% of my debt paid off! Less than one dollar in daily interest on med school loans! 136 more words

Debt Payoff

August 2014 Monthly Summary

Here is my monthly summary for August 2014.

First, my running summary:

July 2014 August 2014 Difference 251 more words

Monthly Summary - July 2014

$54,379.42 paid off | 34 months to go

Summary: About $7500 left on my med school loans. I’m hyperventilating with excitement! Lots of chaos this month. 127 more words

Personal Finance

Monthly Summary - June 2014

$51,981.23 paid off | 35 months to go

Summary: Four figures of med school debt! Woo hoo! This month was very focused on the logistics of the move, both physical and emotional. 113 more words

Debt Reduction