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In-App Purchases: How to Monetize through Merchandising

Monetization is a top priority for anyone creating mobile games. How can publishers and developers be sure they’re doing everything they can to keep this number as high as possible? 453 more words

Mobile Games

The Long Dark Development Cycle

Hey, did you guys know how frickin’ long videogames take to make?!

With each major project I work on, it gets to that point where we’re like “ 1,132 more words

Game Development

Hard Currency

You’ve been playing a game for a while, and you see something that you really want. You go to buy it, and you have a look at the price. 406 more words

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Quora wraps up its summer of mobile by releasing an iPad app and celebrating 3X growth

Four and a half years into its existence, Q&A site Quora has finally released an iPad app. It’s been the summer of mobile for the company, from an… 419 more words

Rightscorp's Proprietary Copyright Monetization System Offers Solution to Pre-Release P2P File Sharing

Rightscorp (OTCQB: RIHT), the leading provider of monetization services for artists and holders of copyrighted Intellectual Property (IP), offers a solution to a recent article which cites the rise of pre-release copyright infringements of motion picture films and TV shows.

Soon you'll be able to customize your favorite shows --- for a fee

Content value will be judged differently in the future. Static content — shows and movies as we know them today — that we buy once and engage with passively, will not be worth as much as active content — the shows and movies of tomorrow — that involve multiple purchases and viewer engagements. 848 more words