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Monday Munchies: Skaneateles Bakery- Skaneateles, NY

Okay, I took the summer off from my Monday Munchies post because the summer is always super crazy and I just didn’t want to half ass these fun posts. 518 more words

Food And Drink

Healthy Eating

Eating, I’ve learned very quickly, is simply a matter of habit and opportunity.

I haven’t posted a blog is a week because I’ve been spending this time moving into and settling into my first new apartment. 457 more words


What do you do with leftover watermelon rinds?

Hi guys. Happy Monday!

Unfortunately I don’t have a recipe to share with you for today’s edition of “Monday Munchies”. With school starting next week, I’ve been busy packing/moving and I didn’t have time to finish today’s planned post. 172 more words


Vegetarian Meals

One of my lovely roommates, Robin, is a pescatarian. Most of the meals I make contain chicken or beef, so cooking for everyone will be a bit of a feat. 147 more words


3 Easy Meals

I’m currently writing this post at 10:30 at night because I’m on vacation and have been too busy doing nothing to write! So beyond this slightly rushed post, expect beach posts when I come back! 500 more words


Eating at Work

Fun fact: Working in a infant room of a daycare gives you exactly zero time to eat while on the job! There are days where I arrive at 8 and realize at 1 that I haven’t sipped at my water, let alone eaten anything. 395 more words



Today we have a really simple and tasty recipe from Graham Hussey over at LovelyDubley. He was inspired to create this recipe after visiting the Taste of Meath a few weeks ago. 151 more words