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My inner core woman

As time passes, I realize more and more how simple life is. It’s not about grand gestures or extravagant shenanigans. It’s more than just a countdown to retirement. 302 more words


Nunca faltará quien diga algo...

Tenemos una amiga llamada Amy que nos preguntó si era común en nuestro país decir el nombre del bebe antes de nacer, porque la regla en USA (por su puesto que toda regla tiene sus excepciones) no se dice el nombre hasta cuando el bebe nace por el simple hecho de no escuchar comentarios. 170 more words


Return of Zombie Mom (dun dun duh)

I haven’t penned a post in a couple of weeks and I know some day down the road I will regret the lapses in time between posts, but honestly, time flies way too fast and there is always too many things to be done.   905 more words

Blog Updates

Count Your Blessings

I was getting ready today for Physical Therapy and was reflecting on my mom and part one of my blog tribute to her. After a few moments, I looked in the mirror and started to think how far I have come, and then how far I  have yet to go physically. 79 more words

Divorce is EASY!

Said no one EVER!

Come on. How hard can it be? Surely it’s easier than marriage. It’s gotta be! Right?

If you have kids, there’s one aspect of a divorce that many people seem to overlook. 467 more words


Operation Day 1

The first day of school went extremely well!

  1. His new teacher seems nice


        2.His classroom has the same 3 teachers aides he’s had for the past 3 years… 16 more words


What? Me, "nerdy"?

Well, you see, it’s like this: I’m not sitting at the cool-kid’s table. Don’t think I ever have. Not even sure if I would know it if  I was. 263 more words