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Shells Comic: Unusual Facts






A Comic Japanese Woodblock Print

In Japan, the seven propitious gods are deities of luck, happiness, wealth and all good things. They are often depicted traveling on their treasure ship, the Takarabune (which is itself a major cultural symbol in Japan) which will sometimes suddenly moor at a town or province bringing overnight success and riches. 135 more words


Fieldtrip: Not quite the Paths of the Dead

On Friday, as the last hurrah of GeoGenes V, a couple of carloads of intrepid attendees headed bravely out into the wilds of the Wairarapa coast to Hurupi Stream, which is a great Miocene fossil mollusc locality. 1,041 more words

Out And About

Paul the Octopus

Wake up, soccer fans! Today I will celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup Soccer Championship which is currently being played in Brazil. Well actually I was going to write about this year’s world cup tournament, but nothing interesting has happened so far except for that Uruguayan player who repeatedly bites people (and apparently he has already been captured, sedated, and returned to his native habitat without further human injuries). 644 more words