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Coco loco~


Superdrug Coconut Oil 125ml (RRP £2.29)

For a while now I’ve been told about the wonders of coconut milk and coconut oil so I decided to purchase some oil last week and give it a test to see how well it fairs for me. 276 more words


Lush Ro's Argan Body Conditioner

I first tried a tiny sample of Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner about 5 years ago and I absolutely loved it, but I could never justify the price tag while I was a struggling student. 244 more words


Morning Skincare Routine

I have written a post on my Evening Skincare Routine, here, and I thought I would tell you what products I use in the morning (or afternoon, depending on when I get up). 173 more words


Minimise Your Skincare Routine

Consider this post a message from your future self, inspiring you to develop a great skincare routine now and reap the benefits at a later date. 579 more words


one way to clear skin

Every year, without fail, from when the leaves turn and until spring, my usually clear face sports a smattering of pimples. I do appreciate that I am lucky in that it isn’t full blown adult acne. 830 more words


Una Brennan Super Facialist Purifying Tea Flower Deep Cleansing Wash and Tea Flower Deep Clean Mattifying Moisturiser


I do like this cleanser. I originally bought it because it said it had Salacylic Acid in it. I can’t say that cleansers are meant to do miracles in my opinion, since they spend so little time on my face to begin with. 269 more words


Body Shop Aqua Boost Sorbet Review

Hey guys! Before I start this post I owe you an apology. This week has been an extremely busy one as it was my first week back at school etc. 215 more words