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Sherlock Holmes ... One Teacher's Friend

The statement is made elsewhere in this Internet site:

“Having watched for fifty years, as technology has turned the human brain to mush,
we advocate reading historical books as the greatest legacy that any teacher… 2,196 more words

Philip Livingstone

One in the Hand beats Two in the Bush

 One in the Hand beats Two in the Bush or What is rent?  I live at the park now!

and Other Completely Unrelated Titles

Introduction… 2,128 more words

The Professor

Back To School

I don’t care much for modern
Don’t care much for a craze
Don’t wanna pour a bucket
Don’t wanna make a duck face
I don’t care much for friends lists… 165 more words

10 Crappy Things Modern Society Has Turned Into Social Norms

1. Confusing not having to justify our actions with being unable to justify our actions.

Don’t-have-to-explain-myself and can’t-explain-myself are entirely different concepts. Don’t-have-to is a defense mechanism for… 1,077 more words

The Circus is In Town - Ferguson, MO

After a seemingly endless stream of news articles, Facebook posts, and other forms of media coverage regarding the last week of events in Ferguson, it was finally time to sit down and hopefully expose some of the truth that has been washed out by glare of the lights of national media. 2,678 more words

Day #111 - You hate your job.

Since starting this blog I find myself having a lot of conversations with people about their dreams and ambitions. It’s nice.

I love hearing about the person inside the person I thought I knew or only just met. 725 more words