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9/2/14: Between

which is waiting—

arriving or departing

or both?


Cutler City...the Summer ends....

Okay, maybe you’ve had enough of Cutler City…but if not, here’s a little more….the Bay House Restaurant is the structure at the far right…Cutler City Cafe in those days… 220 more words

Modern Adventuring Part 2: The Pioneer

There were three gardens there. Now as a general rule I, being of an excited and energetic personality, don’t really see the point in going to a place more than once; or at least not often. 1,984 more words

Opinion Piece

Freedom to Leave or Freedom to be Left Alone?

The Home Renaissance Foundation picked up on this interesting article from The Guardian which references a proposition in Italy to give homemakers a salary.  My first reaction was, “great!”  It is about time homemakers get some recognition for all the work we do.   516 more words

Modern Life

TTFN Facebook

Two weeks ago Wednesday, I deleted my Facebook account.  I waited to tell the world of my new status to make sure that the deletion would stick.   384 more words

Opinion Piece