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Choosing an Area Rug

Colors and designs for area rugs run the gamut from serene and subdued to spunky and bright. But don’t be confused about your selection. Here are a few guidelines. 130 more words

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How to Select Window Treatments

Janice Howell of MODA Floors & Interiors helps answer some questions about selecting the proper window treatments for your home. Is privacy an issue? Is light control important? 7 more words

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Cork: Good Flooring Option

Cork flooring is a good option for high traffic households. MODA Floors & Interiors Project Consultant Tasha Elrod discusses some of the issues to consider when selecting it for your next project.

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Keep Your Home Warmer in Winter, Cooler in Summer


In winter months, your home heating escapes to the outdoors through your windows while in the summertime, the outside heat flows into your home through these same windows. 136 more words

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FAQ: Care and Maintenance of Wood Floors

How are polyurethane or other surface finishes maintained?

Surface finishes like polyurethane require only simple care. Just dustmop, sweep or vacuum regularly. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations if known. 404 more words

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Window Covering Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips to help you protect the investment you’ve made in your home’s window treatments.

  • Always spray glass cleaner on a clean cloth, not the window.
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Window Treatments Offer Ultimate Light Control

The most popular and growing category of window covering options include window shadings, sheers and light louvers.

All three of these products are made from fabric and offer the ultimate in light control.  305 more words

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