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What does this word mean?
Often I hear people speak of men with multiple personalities
Or women who are bipolar and lose it one day and kill their daughters. 203 more words

The Noisy Crowd

Morning Thought: “After the crowd had been put outside…” (Matt. 9:25). Often the miraculous does not happen until we have told the noisy crowd to leave. 104 more words

Morning Thought

Using PowerMock to Test Singletons

I’ve been trying to test a small suite of classes based around exception handling. One of the classes is a class factory implemented as a singleton, which has proved impossible to test with the usual techniques, i.e. 471 more words


Verbal First Aid for Kids: Loving Yourself

What is one of the first things a child can do after going through an emotionally debilitating experience such as being mocked, being compared unfavorably with other kids, being encouraged to doubt herself/himself and so on? 137 more words



Memory lane is in disrepair
Building blocks we placed which such care
Each little detail reflects our journey
Cobwebs cluster over fights
Bows hang off laughter… 35 more words