@EmpireAve Has No Clue What Free Speech, Art & Free Use Is. #SocialMedia #News #EaV #EmpireAve

But WordPress Support does.

Secret Empire Administrator Robby Ball invited me back to G+ today, so I reregistered.

But they already suspended me.

Who is running the show over there? 232 more words

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Fighting about games: the incredibly nasty last two weeks

If you’re part of — or an observer of — gaming culture, you might be aware of the ugliness lately.  If not, I encourage you to click away and go back to playing happily, because this is a subject that angries up the blood. 1,934 more words


Adding to My Alt Army

When I’m trying to choose my next alt on World of Warcraft I do a lot of research on that particular class; and I mean… 354 more words


On EA Leaders Forum, Leadership Groups & Secret Admins @EmpireAve #socialmedia #EaV #EmpireAve #Klout

Three days ago I joined a Leadership work group that was created after EA changed the nature of the EA Leaders forum, unilaterally, on EA from a place where EA Leaders could discuss actually leading the company to only being about the actual package sold by Empire Avenue. 959 more words

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FFXIV: Return To The Game

After a break of 3 months I returned to play FFXIV. It was a really quiet start where I left off… and found out so much things in 30 minutes I did not figure out in the 9 months I was playing before. 590 more words

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