On Transparency & Game Rules @EmpireAve #Eav #EmpireAve #SocialMedia

It’s very strange that a private inquiry to an Administrator and Brand Manager of Empire Avenue would lead to me being blocked by another Administrator and Brand Manager, but that has happened. 327 more words

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I Got 30 Free Days Of World Of Warcraft

I just recently completed Diablo III for the first time and I’m currently working on my review of the game. When I checked my email a few minutes ago I noticed a message from Blizzard in my inbox. 177 more words


MMO Search 2014: Welcome to TERA

The Exiled Realm of Arborea (TERA), created by Bluehole Studio, was originally released on May 1, 2012 in North America. One of the most unique aspects of… 2,096 more words


Make ArcheAge Gold Fast to Become a Professional Pirate

Source from http://www.sellarcheagegold.com/news/32–make-archeage-gold-fast-to-become-a-professional-pirate

Ever wanted to be a pirate and earn much money? How to become a professional pirate? Well you need to know that… 651 more words


Labor Day Weekend 2x EXP & Drop Event: 8/30 – 9/1

Since Nexon wont make the banners, I will! Very nice… How much? <3
Celebrate Labor Day weekend with double the fun. Level up and power through the weekend with 2x EXP & Drop! 42 more words


Forget EverQuest Next: I want EverQuest Again.

This year’s SOE Live has come and gone. Good riddance. Though largely due to unrealistic expectations, no other SOE Live has let me down this much. 1,133 more words


Elder Scrolls Update 4

Elder Scrolls Online have just announced a loyalty plan for their subscribers, which is due to start in September. YAY – free stuff! If you’ve been subscribed for three months or more, expect goodies to start flooding your way – the first being a vanity pet in the form of a High Hrothgar Wraith. 223 more words