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So You Want Recruits?

Anyone who has every been involved in a MLM Business, Mary Kay or other wise knows how awesome it is to have team members…otherwise known as recruits.   1,112 more words

122. सही या गलत -निर्णय आपका !

जब आप ये जान लेते है कि सफलता के लिए बाह्य तत्वों से  ज्यादा  आतंरिक तत्व  जिम्मेदार है  तब आप ये भी जान लेते है कि सफलता को साधने के लिए, सम्हालने के लिए शरीर की मजबूती से ज्यादा वैचारिक और भावनात्मक

Wanna Join Mary Kay...Here's a 30 Second FYI...

I just wanted to let everyone know who might be thinking about joining Mary Kay that now is an awesome time to join because as of today they are having a sale for New Consultants who want to join.   137 more words

$35 for $300

LIMITED TIME OFFER… Get your Membership started with us for only $35. Refer just three people into the program for $35 and be on your way to making $300 each month there after.


A Leisure Life

Today I signed up in SOC

The journey to this day has been interesting to say the least.  I believe that all of my learning, doing, thinking, brainstorming, attending seminars and workshops and webinars,  practicing, etc. 81 more words


Wow!! Can't believe it!!!

My goodness, what a day!! I’ve been at my ‘day job’ this morning and then not stopped all afternoon, but I love it!! I’ve spoken to people on the phone, sent a lot of messages out, helped lots of people with enquiries!! 98 more words


Bonificaciones promocionales de septiembre para España hasta el 30 de septiembre, inclusive Bonificación por adquisición de clientes preferentes 215 more words