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Children with 3 Parents?

When we think about our genes, we most commonly think of the nuclear genome, the 23 pairs of chromosomes that determine our characteristics but the nuclear genome is not the only genome we possess. 615 more words

Difficulty 2

The genetic prehistory of the North American Arctic

I’ve been waiting for this paper for months! The Willerslev group has just published the results of their study on ancient DNA from Paleo-Eskimos in the North American Arctic. 1,549 more words


Haplogroup Projects

So far, in our Projects series, we’ve talked about Autosomal Matching within Projects and Surname Projects.

Today, we’re going to talk about Haplogroup Projects, a second type of project sponsored by… 3,507 more words


Prehistory of New World Arctic investigated in major new genetic study

Paleo-Eskimos were independent of Inuit and Native American expansions

In the 1980s, the American linguist Joseph Greenberg proposed that Native American languages could be classified within three families: Eskimo-Aleut, Na Dene and Amerind. 367 more words

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Y DNA Sale

I was just rubbing on my Aladdin lamp, wishing for a Y DNA sale and look what happened at Family Tree DNA.

The bundled tests of Family Finder and Y and the comprehensive test of Y, Family Finder and mitochondrial DNA are on sale too. 74 more words


Nancy Mann (c1780-1841), German or Irish, 52 Ancestors #33

Nancy Mann was the second wife of Henry Bolton.  Henry was born about 1759 in England and married Catherine Chapman in August of 1786 in Philadelphia.  3,008 more words

Mitochondrial DNA

What Am I Made Of? My Haplogroup Results.

I started genetic genealogy testing back in 2012 with National Geographic Genographic Project’s first phase of testing. The Genographic Project began as a 5-year project to study human migration by analyzing genetic mutations passed on the direct maternal or paternal line.   417 more words

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