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100 Things: Brain Block

I went out and bought a huge wad of safety pins and then sat at my desk staring at it in disgust and wondering why I would choose such a  196 more words

Graphic Deaign


A single tear drifts silently across a pale cheek;
trying to stay strong, she holds back emotion as she speaks
but the unconscious pain fights from being pushed back down… 186 more words


Just for a while,
Just a little,
I had lost my smile.

Just for a while,
Just a little,
I didn’t feel worthwhile.

Sat between my parents, 108 more words


Love Never Meant to Be

Love Never Meant To Be

by jungborah1011

I once thought one day
As time goes
Hardships and sorrows would go away
But as I look back, every second just froze… 228 more words


The BIG fashion mistake of Zara

It is the fashion faux pas of the season, the Spanish giant ready-to-wear Zara will have to make himself small.

The purpose of “crime” is nothing but a sailor with gray horizontal stripes and decked out with a big yellow star on which we can read the word Sheriff. 70 more words



I was sure. There was no possible way I could get that crank to make another turn, not with the strength God had given me. 240 more words


Response to "LIKE"

Someone made a smart-aleck remark about my liking my own blog. I don’t suppose they considered it was an accident on my part? I wasn’t thinking–it was like a knee-jerk reaction, only it would have to be called “finger-jerk reaction”. 384 more words