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The Random Bikerider

I’ve seen this guy several times throughout Missoula, sometimes multiple times in one day on opposite sides of town. He’s an interesting fellow. I would think he is prior military, but it’s difficult to say … maybe because his blouse is more like a cape for him. 120 more words


Separation: The time has come

My husband started planning our 10-year wedding anniversary 20 years ago. Sometimes I think he’s not much of a planner, but then he pulls an epic move like that. 582 more words


Erik Shares His Thought on All Things Climate and Spring! March, 2013

Whatup CANers! This week I’ll be sharing with you some scattered thoughts about biking, advocacy, fraternizing with legislators, and eating. I recently read an article on GreenerIdeal.com about, “Five of the Healthiest and Greenest Cities in America.” Missoula ranked #2 (behind Portland, of course), and it made me reflect on what an awesome place we call home. 563 more words

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The Flintstones

Apparently I resemble Pebbles from the Flintstones, as I was recently told by an unique gentleman at the grocery store.

I was at the grocery store yesterday, minding my own business and had an interaction with two guys within an aisle of each other. 311 more words


New In Town

It has officially been over a month since DH and I arrived in Missoula. Our adventure into the unknown brought us to this lovely town full of friendly people. 366 more words


Blue Suburban Skies

We’ve been in our new house in Missoula exactly a week. The greyness that had plagued us in the Yaak Valley didn’t last long. As soon as we moved in, the skies cleared. 1,266 more words

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