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Another Month

Wow time really passes quickly… I wonder how things would be from now on.. Regardless, a lot have been sacrificed so I guess I better make it worth it! 294 more words



Amidst the blistering heat
With my vision fading
I see an oasis

You quench my thirst
Though you were never here
You cloud my thoughts… 63 more words

More Dew

Wake up this morning with a thought in mind: I miss you….


Living A Lie

I can’t forget the way you touch me
I promised myself not to miss you
I tell myself I’m over you
But only my heart knows the truth

One History Time

Sitting in a circle,
With their wooves wagging,
While sipping hatred.

Fast backwards…
After calls!
Miss you and you is like,
‘what did you wanna say?’ 57 more words

From a Sister to a Brother

My older brother is my best friend. He knows me better than my ‘actual’ best friend, so I suppose the term doesn’t really fit him well. 602 more words


Dear Bestfriend.

I miss you.

I miss the pitter patter of rain perfectly blending with the sound of three mischievous laughter across the flagpole. I miss the tree we named the t(h)ree because it was the tree where the three of us hang out. 296 more words