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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

We live in a world today, with statistics all around us. Opinion polls. Confidence Intervals. Margin of Error. Risk estimates. But do we actually understand what any of these things mean? 1,956 more words

6 things I thought about during my last term in college

Hi guys! Here’s a blog post about the things I thought about as I was finally on my last term in college. Final exams week just ended last Thursday and I figured it’d be a good post to blog about the misconceptions and realizations I had during these last few months. 1,032 more words

Awakened At Dusk

One Winter's Night I See...

This poem is one of my favorites. Somehow, whenever i read this, I imagine myself sitting by the fireplace in a Scottish or Irish castle, behind a huge glass window watching it snow… 193 more words


My Cousin Rachel Quote

“I wondered how it could be that two people who had loved could yet have such a misconception of each other and, with a common grief, grow far apart. 37 more words


What's in a Label?

Where do you find labels? Hugging soup cans; hanging out on the side of boxes of food; adhering to household cleaning agents; representing recording artists, but that’s not the kind of label I’m referring to.  751 more words


Should we expect more from experts?

Last Sunday evening SBS aired an episode of a show titled, “Who do you think you are?” The show follows well-known Australians as they piece together their family history, revealing secrets of the past. 412 more words

No contract? No show! 

In my posts I will always provide something valuable through experiences I have been through. I believe if I went through something another person can learn from then I should share it. 833 more words