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Join us on MONDAY! A New Blog Series Begins!

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On Monday, September 1st, we’ll be back in the As I See It saddle with a new name for our website, a new look, and a whole newly- updated blog series to share with you. 209 more words

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Coming Monday, September 1st! A New Look. A New Name. A New Blog Series!

After a summer of rest, I’m returning to As I See It, ready to tackle yet another school year of blogging with you, my dear readers. 272 more words

Dave Jacobs

On Technology

I read somewhere on the Internet that my generation (aka the dreaded “Millenials”) is the most nostalgic generation, due to growing up during a time of tremendous technological change. 1,314 more words

Miscellaneous Thoughts

Post-grad life

I felt like it was about time for a life update.

Graduation was May 16 — three months and some change ago. I see what people mean now when they say the working world makes time fly by even faster. 525 more words

Miscellaneous Thoughts

13 Contrasts Between American and Biblical Christianity by Joseph Mattera

Hey gang…Here’s a must read from CharismaNews.com.

As I see it, author Joseph Mattera hits the mark with this one, discussing what Eugene Peterson addressed years ago; the church experience we are so familiar with here in the western world; pegging it “Americanized Christianity”. 1,654 more words

Miscellaneous Thoughts

You Gotta Buy This Book!

How’s that for subtle advertising?

Seriously, my good buddy and pastoral coach, Dave Jacobs, has just released MILE WIDE, INCH DEEP…a book you need to read if you are a pastor, church leader, or just a regular guy or gal who believes that there must be more to following Jesus than just going through the motions taught in our Americanized Christianity.  488 more words

Guest Blogger's Posts.

Robin Williams: A Reflection of the One Who Smiles.

The world is abuzz today with the sad news of the sudden loss of one of the world’s funniest men. A disciple of funny-man Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams had the unique gift of making the whole world laugh for 30+ years. 180 more words

Miscellaneous Thoughts