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Our Back Story

August 20th, 2011. It is where the story truly begins.

David and I met through a mutual friend at a party. We had seen each other at a couple of parties prior to this, but this is the day when we actually started talking, which led to a David being pushed into the pool and then throwing me in afterwards…(I can not swim by the way) The night continued on, and soon after, the friends that I had come with and I left. 1,372 more words

HELLP Syndrome

Missing you

I was pregnant. “Was” is the hardest word to say. Sometimes I look at my belly a little too long, push it out just to see how it would look, or dream of who you might have been. 264 more words


One of those days...

After my hope filled few days, today I am struggling again – I feel that’s how this process goes a lot of the time. So today is a struggling day. 159 more words


Sadness turned into despair.

On Sunday I had a lovely surprise, in the form of two pinks lines!!! However yesterday I realised history was again repeating itself and I was facing yet another miscarriage. 404 more words

All the things I haven't done

Basically anything TTC-related in the last couple of weeks and I’ve enjoyed the hell out of my life.

After the d&c, I stopped bleeding almost immediately, had a few days spotting and then a few days of no spotting which were great.  397 more words


The Labor of Writing

I had a miscarriage on August 8th.  I wrote about it here if you’re interested in reading more about that.

Since then I’ve been struggling with what to write–my writing voice has gone and my inspirations have dried up; it seems I can no longer focus on anything for long enough to write about it.   336 more words


As soon as I saw the photo this week, I knew where I’d go… it just took, me awhile to pull myself out of the happy stories I’ve written of late, to address this “squeamish” photo– brought to us this week by Madison Woods. 305 more words

Tales From The Motherland