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Your brand of feminism is a badly disguised misandry, ma'am!

Isn’t it great that all of the greatest poets like Ghalib, Mir, Momin, Faiz, Firaq, Faraz, Zauq etc are dead as otherwise they would be called misogynists! 298 more words


The "Zoe Quinn Thing" Explained

OK, so many of you have probably seen this around and, you probably didn’t know what the hell was going on, and in fairness I’ve watched it unfold for months and I didn’t get it until just now. 1,497 more words

Modern Feminism: Tasteless Hypocrisy

Recently, XO Jane, a website featuring women’s interests, published a quasi-humorous article titled “YOUR MISANDRY PLAYLIST: MY 15 FAVORITE SONGS ABOUT KILLING AND/OR HATING MEN… 252 more words

"All Men Are Jerks"

A high percentage of feminists, or even women in general, have probably found themselves uttering this statement.

But, well, no.  They’re not.

There are bad women, and there are bad men.   445 more words


Is The Female Imperative Misandry?

By T.L. Dayen

Even with all of the current evidence of the destructive male ego permeating our media and our national consciousness this summer: the immigration crises, murder and mayhem in Iraq, Syria, the Ukraine, Israel and Palestine; the rash of men of color dying at the hands of those “sworn to protect” and no less than five governors under investigation for “abuse of power;” my first blog post must answer the question, “Is The Female Imperative misandry?” After all, that’s the main question many of our visitors will be asking. 1,384 more words


JudgyBitch 5 Ways Society Discriminates Against Men What's...

JudgyBitch: 5 Ways Society Discriminates Against Men. What’s surprising is how surprised people are when they finally hear it.

Rajit Kapur and group needs to be punished for spreading misandry

So now the group of Rajit Kapur is out with a video repenting that they are not woman. In this recent video that has gone viral they have openly wished they were women, because women are so sexy. 2,223 more words

Feminism In India