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Orwellian Equality

Who wouldn’t support equality? It’s a rhetorical question. We know what kind of person doesn’t. Worse, some promote inequality under the guise of equality – a truly Orwellian situation. 1,011 more words


What does rape allegation against Indian minister’s son reveal?

On 15th August this year India woke up with historic speech from their PM Mr. Narendra Modi as he addressed the nation on the occasion of India’s Independence Day. 595 more words


Relationships 4

I was in love with women, too.

No Automatic Arrest in 498A Complaints

In the recent landmark judgement by the Apex Court, it was directed that there should not be any automatic arrest for cases under section 498A of the IPC until provisions of Section 41 of Cr.PC are satisfied. 801 more words


Male tears: And why I'm not sorry.

*Trigger warning: discussion of rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, abuse, violence against women*

Misandry. I reckon a lot of people involved in the feminist movement are acquainted with this term. 1,035 more words


Men should call for a boycott

Men should be calling for a boycott.

It is important that we not take ourselves too seriously. As the saying goes: if we can’t laugh at ourselves, there are plenty of others who will. 1,043 more words


Feminism hates men. Sorry bros.

What is feminist ally?

Pt of Feminism destroys the world. Read my other entries here and hereModern day feminism hides behind the predecessors of 1st wave feminism and claims that anyone that critiques 3rd wave feminism is against 1st wave feminism.But 3rd wave feminism is based on the actions of 3rd wave feminism. 622 more words