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The siren lure of minimalism

It may not seem like something I’m into given my fields of study, but I love minimalist living. 

This is not a how-to guide, as many have written about how to get started… 728 more words


How one woman is making a difference in people’s life, especially women...

How fortunate I am to meet Cristina who, according to me is the living example of minimalist living as per Jainism & Karma-yogi as mentioned in Geeta. 347 more words

Life Learning Lessons

Wardrobe: Project 333 and the Challenge of Minimalist Fashion

There is nothing like packing and moving once every six to eight months to make us realize how much stuff we’ve accumulated. And yet, though I’ve packed, moved and stored every half year since 2010, I  780 more words

Becoming Minimalist

Buying Better.

Having lived almost a third of my life, I’ve come to embrace frugality. Not in a, “well you ordered a drink so you owe…” kind of way when splitting a check at lunch, but in a, “do I really need those shorts when October is right around the corner,” perspective. 160 more words



Anybody see where summer went? I must’ve missed it. I was all ready to spend my days at the river, relax in a hammock for hours, and just take in all that summer has to offer. 718 more words


Is It Possible That There Is More Than One Way Of Doing Things?

I have a bit of a hard time with people whom I consider to be closed minded. Now I do understand that they are the way they are for various reasons. 397 more words

Minimalist Lifestyle

Can Minimalist Living Make You Healthier?

Is Minimalist Living Healthy Living?

A lot of people decide to look at minimalist living as a lifestyle choice because they want to reduce clutter, save money, and just have an overall more simple approach to life. 608 more words

Minimalist Lifestyle