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The gears, they are a-grinding

On Scent of a Gamer, I mainly talk about what I like. But there’s one thing about miniatures games that really grinds my gears – the so-called two-player starter sets. 318 more words



A desirable vintage pieceĀ of Rogue Trader lead joins my Deathworld Flora and Fauna project today: the Ambull. 612 more words


Making Miniatures: Pinterest Boards

While teaching our workshops in miniature gardening in Singapore, we were told many times that there are no sources for miniature accessories locally. I went out searching for miniatures in Singapore’s markets and stores and it is true: there are no miniature shops and only few scale minis available. 109 more words


Warhammer! part four

Welcome back folks!
What a terrible week it’s been. I’ve been under the weather, so haven’t been able to entertain you with my usual aplomb, but have returned! 517 more words

Games Workshop

Infinity - 300pts that Worked!

Sunday night we played a 3-player free for all on my dining room table. Haqqislam brought his usual HMG/doctor pairs along with a brand new tank, Nomads brought missile spam and a bunch of wildcats, and I brought another 10 model list: 743 more words


Stonehaven Miniatures Wants To Deliver the Half-Orcs For Your Gaming Needs

When I play games like Pathfinder I usually tend to play a lot of half-orcs. In fact, in the most recent adventure we ran I played a half-orc monk that was a farmer. 333 more words


Quick News August 23rd - August 29th

Hello gamers, it is Friday, which means it is also time for Quick News! We are slowly but surely settling into the new office while awaiting the rest of our items to get here. 478 more words