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and wild speculation
will only serve in the perpetuation
of agitation and a fixation
on the administration’s installation instead of the aspiration to elevation through meditation
that is your ultimate destination


Presence and Resilience for Career Success in the 21st Century

By Julia von Flotow

The Information Age is both creating frustration for traditional job seekers as well as enabling a new kind of “out of the box” approach and opportunities for personal career management for the creative, adventurous and technologically-savvy entrepreneur. 100 more words


Tricks of the Mindful, Part II

Several weeks after writing about my efforts to mindfully release some painful thoughts, I’m pleased to report marked success in the next phase of my little operation. 408 more words

Parenting & Family

Detach Yourself

It can be helpful to detach ourselves from our point of view. You do this by recognizing that your thoughts are not really your own. Nobody really knows where their thoughts come from and many of our thoughts seem to conflict with each other. 62 more words


6 Steps to Manage the Mental Noise

We all experience mental chatter to some degree, but some of us experience it more persistently. These thoughts and judgments whether directed inward or toward others, about situations, or past or future concerns impede our ability to realize peace and joy in ourselves and our lives. 253 more words


An Introduction to Mindfulness

I think the best place to start when explaining what mindfulness is, is not at the beginning, but rather the right now. This confusing sentence is me being playfully obscure, but mindfulness really is about what is happening in this exact moment that you find yourself in, right now, not what happened 5 minutes ago, or 5 years ago, and it isn’t about what’s going to happen tomorrow, or 5 years from now, it’s about what’s happening in this moment, and you noticing it. 1,874 more words



Mindfulness and meditations on ‘Now’ inspired this poem:


                                   P R E S E N C E

The moving finger of fact,

Field of focus,

The now of the piano key… 238 more words