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To Whoever Got Stuck Sifting Through Resumes

Oh, hi! Is someone actually reading this? I thought cover letters were just a torture device designed by hiring managers to weed out casual job seekers from the truly desperate. 508 more words

Was Michelob A Generation Too Early?

Back in the mid-80s, Michelob launched their famous, “Who Says You Can’t Have It All” ad campaign. It appealed to the “yuppies” (a term that seems to have vanished) of the day. 335 more words

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Football Friday: Tailgating Fun!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Football season is finally here and I could not be more excited! The early morning tailgating, the smell of meat cooking on the grill, thousands of people roaming Melrose Ave and the Iowa Fight song blasting in the background…. 421 more words


Stop Calling me Narcissistic, She Writes on her Very Own Blog

The first people to come of age in the new century belong to an infamous demographic sector known as the millennials. As a bloc we are constantly being analyzed and examined, our make-up defined and redefined. 1,148 more words

A busy summer (just not for posting)

Summer gets weird when you don’t have a set amount of time off – and the time you do take off is tinged with the thought: … 376 more words

Life After College

21st Century Dating

While lying in bed the other night I made the conscious decision to put away my computer and go to sleep. Within the next 10 minutes I was on my iPhone scrolling through the photos of instagram, live feed of twitter and insignificant faces on Tinder. 117 more words


Job seekers: Be proactive!

I recently came across a video series on NYC Media about finding jobs. While I’m sure that each of the videos contains great information about the job hunt, I wanted to focus on the video that’s most relevant to me and other young professionals out there:  279 more words


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