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Wandering, But Not Lost

Starting out on an uncharted path

Familiar ground a distant memory

Friends and foes and lovers past

And myself, a reverie

How strange it all is, 97 more words


Just when you thought it was safe.....the grumpy old dinosaurs strike back!

I think really I’ve had enough.

Whilst I have a lot of time for Gen Y, the millenials, the digital natives, or whatever current tag they go by these days, sometimes its like people my age are just going to bide their time, tread water, and make way for these future leaders of industry, and quietly stand aside without a murmur. 466 more words

Millenials and risk

Lately, I have been writing about millenials and their aversion to relationships, intimacy and risk. In this piece, I would like to narrow in on the element of risk and explain why I think so few  young adults are mastering what was once thought of as a normal stage of development. 638 more words

Week One: Marketing to Millenials

It comes as no surprise that the preferred method of most Millennials to receive their content is through a digital medium. While reading through the article “Next Generation Strategies for advertising to Millennials”, I found myself nodding along in agreement with most of what was being presented. 386 more words


Dinner Table Talks

I was sitting on my backyard porch with my parents, Aunt, and Uncle earlier this evening after we barbecued for dinner. I sat there talking with them for several hours just catching up on life and talking about random dinner table topics such as politics, religion, etc. 561 more words

Passing Thoughts

Sincerely, ME

Dear teacher,
Thanks for your help
I learned from your wisdom
And gained some myself

You gave me my purpose
Deciphered life’s myths
Accepted my problems… 205 more words


The reason begins to come clear

If only I could explain to her. But I was the same snotty, cynical know-it-all at her age. Emotionally detached, spiteful, angry, and controlled by hormones more than mind, and especially more than heart. 428 more words