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The Revolution Doesn't Need to be Televised

I’m not sure when I learned fear of Police Officers. It feels as if it has been ever-present in me. I remember police knocking on my mother’s door when I was younger. 1,261 more words

Police, Privatization and Public Data on the Use of Force: A Response to Ferguson

By Pacey Foster.

Recent events in Ferguson, MO, have generated a national discussion about the growing militarization of the police and their accountability to the public for potential abuses of power. 1,271 more words


4 Disturbing Revelations in the Wake of Ferguson

The tragic events in Ferguson, Missouri the past month have brought four important issues into sharp focus that normally do not receive much notice.

1) Blacks continue to be excluded from mainstream America… 1,406 more words


The Onion on the Racist Police State

Inspired by the situation in Ferguson, satirists at The Onion have been on a roll with a series of posts which are simultaneously humorous, incisive and sadly true as commentary on the absurdity and psychopathy of what so many accept as normal and acceptable. 888 more words


Davis City Council Tells Police To Tank Bulletproof Vehicle

DAVIS (CBS SF) — The Davis City Council has told the Davis Police Department to return its armored vehicle to the military within 60 days and to consider other alternatives for protection on four wheels. 163 more words


Victory or not in Gaza?

Victory or not? That is the question. Are the Palestinians victorious in this ceasefire agreement? Do we have cause to celebrate?

Yes and No.

Yes.  There is a victory on several counts.   890 more words


Demilitarization and Trust

Recently in the news and on the internet, I have seen monstrous pictures of police officers garbed like soldiers; wielding heavy weapons, covered in camouflage, and wearing helmets, body armor, and masks. 1,301 more words