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Yesterday’s ho-hum is today’s bulletin. We will be seeing and feeling more of this radical shift in perspective as climate change continues to change more than climate. 212 more words

Natural History

Extreme migrants

‘World Shorebirds Day is a celebration. Shorebirds, those extreme migrants – as well as the people who do the most for them – are celebrated each year on September 6…’ 52 more words

Tool: Census Flows Mapper

A few weeks ago I shared a Story Maps data visualization tool that the Census Bureau recently released. Those particular story maps covered migration data and allowed viewers to see, at a glance, the type of county-level population change taking place between different time periods. 226 more words


Hummingbirds retraction

Apparently I was wrong about them – they are still flocking to the feeder, so where did they go for 3 days.

It occurs to me I might be seeing migrating flocks from further north, I will research hummingbird migration patterns.

Opinion: Poverty and Geography. The Myth of Racial Segregation

Full text By Jim Russell • Published originally in Pacific Standard. Photo: Stefano Garau/Shutterstock.

Migration, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality (not to mention class), can be a poverty-buster. 542 more words

Interesting Posts

Cloud news roundup

India’s Prime Minister Narenda Modi has unveiled an ambitious plan to bring the cloud to every Indian citizen. The website—MyGov.in—will store citizens’ vital records (e.g. birth, death, or marriage certificates) in a huge, easily-accessible digital locker. 113 more words


Water ahoy!

Last week I reported that satellite tagged bird FK8 had not managed to find any large water bodies and didn’t really appear to be following any river courses yet on her travels, as she explores the Tweed Valley area. 546 more words