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Salad Sexiness To Turn You On In Middle Age

It’s a sad fact that as we women enter middle age, we are forced to get excited about salad.

That odd packet of chocolate cookies or bottle of wine that never hurt our love handles in the past, now position themselves defensively around our brittle bones to protect them from collapsing. 604 more words

Midlife Observations

5 Practical Tips To Get Your ADHD Child Through Exams

So, exams and children with ADHD don’t mix. If exams are stressful for the ‘normal’ child, imagine how appealing they are to the child with poor memory skills, low self-esteem and poor organisation skills; or the kid who can’t sit still for longer than fifteen minutes without fidgeting. 1,244 more words

Midlife Observations

Those 'What's It All About?' Moments

I had a completely self-absorbed and quite exhausting ‘what’s it all about?’ moment in the car on the way to work this morning. I am prone to over-thinking about absolutely nothing, as I’ve mentioned a few gazillion times before in my blog. 494 more words

Midlife Observations

Overworked And Underpaid: Ever Feel Like Your Family’s Personal Assistant?

I work hard, and sometimes I feel overworked, underpaid and under-valued at home.

I spend three days of my week doing paid work – I… 540 more words

Midlife Observations

What Being A Middle-Aged Woman Really Means

Andi Schreiber bravely went where no middle-aged woman has gone before, recently. She photographed what being middle-aged really means to her in a series of her own personalised photos: 353 more words

Midlife Observations

Having A Baby At 50 – An Act Of Selfishness Or Love?

Personally I can’t imagine anything worse than having a baby at this time in my life, and if I could find a way to blackmail my doctor to rip out my… 682 more words

Midlife Observations

The Bachelor

Call me a sad, vacuous, half-wit but I’m glued to The Bachelor on Wednesday and Thursday nights.


But only for research purposes – OBVIOUSLY – for my thesis on women and modern-day dating practices. 911 more words

Midlife Observations