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"Obama And The Warmongers": The Drums Of War And The Chants For Blood; The Politics Of The ISIS Threat

We seem to be drifting inexorably toward escalating our fight with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, as the Obama administration mulls whether to extend its “limited” bombing campaign into Syria. 783 more words


Take a Stand

We are here. Archangel Michael speaks.

“The forces of Nature are great and show themselves in direct opposition to the forces of warmongers. It comes. 78 more words


Militants take over govt ministries in Libya

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Libya’s militias have captured most government
ministries in the capital, Tripoli, the government
has said.
Armed men had blocked staff from entering… 191 more words

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Zionist and Dispensationalist Proof Text Introduction

Every Christian who supports the political machinations of Zionism in the Middle East should survey the New Testament for any clues that we should support such a thing. 772 more words


Obama's ISIS Gaff Continues

It has not even been a week since Obama uttered those now infamous words, “We don’t have a strategy yet”.  Now, every since then people have taken shots at his words, and they should. 72 more words


Let's Globalize Wisely


Editorial in Penang Monthly, September 2014

There is much to worry about in the world today, 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, ewhich should give us reason to pause and consider what the long-term, persistent and negative consequences of the cultural shrinking of the world actually are. 536 more words


10 Insane Beauty Treatments

Since time immemorial, humans have been willing to endure grievous sacrifices to conform to society’s idea of beauty. In Africa and Asia, the women of certain tribes wear deforming metal coils that deform their neck and shoulders. 1,225 more words

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