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When A White Girl Has Too Much Time On Her Hands

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

It has been 23 months since my last blog post.

During my two years serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine, I used my blog as a source of therapy (the kind of therapy where you’re allowed to drink wine while you do it). 363 more words


Hipsters, yuppies and educated middle-class kids have made London better

Much has been said concerning the influx of young, white professionals (sometimes derogatorily referred to as yuppies)  to certain parts of London that where once considered “rough ghettos” populated by ethnic minorities and working class white folk.  755 more words


Paul Horton: Why the War on Tenure is an Attack on the Black Middle Class

Paul Horton continues to provide a historical context for issues of our time. In this post, he shows how the birth and growth of the black middle class was integrally related to the union movement and public sector employment. 683 more words

Teacher Tenure

dvining reblogged this on Teacher Talk and commented:

This is important. I was born into white privilege, so the points in this blog post never occurred to me. This gives me even more reason to support unions and teachers.

"Leading From Behind, And Proud Of It": America May Just Need To Get Over Its Own Sense Of Paternalism

Egypt and the UAE went forward with air strikes against Islamists in Libya without informing the United States. They did this presumably because they are concerned with the growing influence of Islamist extremists in their region of the world. 580 more words

Middle Class

Ferguson and Me....Kind Of

As I watch events unfold in Missouri these past few weeks, I am reminded of my youth and my own engagement with law enforcement.  I think back to my first years behind the wheel of a car and the freedom I had as a young adult.  2,007 more words

Our Friend The Policeman

How is our friend the policeman helping to keep the streets safe?

Middle Class

This is how much it really costs to live in San Francisco

Is living in San Francisco unreasonable? That depends on who and how you ask.

The California Housing Partnership Corporation released a new report demonstrating that, yes, it’s totally unreasonable to live in San Francisco. 624 more words