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My Diary

I walked June to town just before the dinner bell rang, each of us were encased in a sloughed snake skin (I had found these on a trip to Spectacles Mountain in search of a four breasted woman). 112 more words


The Chateau Wasn't Haunted

I breathed in the French countryside and the solitude, leaving the shutters open for the night.

At first, I thought I heard whispering. I felt a ghostly hand caress my head. 17 more words

Writing Prompts/Challenges



“It’s a bat,” I whispered.

“It’s nothing,” you said. “Go back to sleep.”

In truth, it was a wake-up call.

“It’s dying,” I said. 50 more words

Personal Writing

Blood on My Shoes

By Dargan Dodd

There’s always wreckage underneath each step. War came before me, swallowed by years of progress we call our own. Grass never forgets how to grow, or what it buries. 61 more words


One Hundred Words

The Inn at the End of the World was crowded the night I found it while seeking shelter from the storm. The winds raged and the rains battered at me, but the inn offered a welcome comfort I had not thought to find in such a desolate land. 64 more words


The visitor

Words turned in my head. Eyes closed, I became one with them. The climax took shape.

“Whoosh….!” Something breezed past my ears.

I shrieked. Words gave way to despair. 23 more words

Micro- Fiction

Irish Twins

Silk raked against sore nipples as mom plodded back to bed.  Her lids crashed over bloodshot eyes.

His uninvited advance elicited growls he mistook for passion.   17 more words

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