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Michael Patton is his own best example

See especially “Good question. Let me find out the answer and get back to you.”

Oochy ouchy! I am in physical pain just reading it. 6 more words

beautiful destruction

Does this dream foretell disaster?

In the dream…

A meteor bursts apart in the night sky…

Glowing red pieces trail streams of white light as they shower down through the darkness… 141 more words


an open secret

Generally speaking, I don’t believe dreams serve as wish-fulfillments…as Freud insisted…

However, two recent dreams might be the exception.

Consider the first dream….

I wake in the middle of the night and discover I left the overhead door for the garage up… 298 more words


Who Were Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?

As books were chosen to represent a New Testament of the Bible, conveying the biography of Jesus and the formation of the Christian Church, a few were chosen and many others passed over. 159 more words


mirror mirror mirror miror mirror mirror

This dream told me that I was taking a good long look at myself…

…but warned me not to look too long.

In the dream… 204 more words


how do you know who knows?

As with so many men…

I’d rather not ask for directions. I’d rather find things on my own.

A recent dream tells of this tendency… 313 more words


forward back

Am I just spinning my wheels?

Consider this recent dream…

I’m standing in a driveway when I begin to spin. I look down at my feet as I go round and round—they’re just off the pavement. 153 more words