Adam Levine And Jimmy Fallon Whip Out Some Odd Musical Impressions On 'The Tonight Show'

Ever wonder what Michael Jackson would sound like singing the Sesame Street theme song? How about Iggy Azalea trying her hand at “Old McDonald Had A Farm?” Maybe… 98 more words


Chris Tucker, No Joke! Owes IRS $14 Million

Chris Tucker, ‘Rush Hour,’ star owes more than $14 million dollars to the government, according to TMZ, which reported that Tucker was just hit with a $2.5 million federal tax lien to go along with the 12 million he owes for past due taxes. 48 more words

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Illinois 3-Day Back-To-School Fest Delights With Stunning MJ Tribute

Sources: The Examiner – By Anneca Lacey | All Things Michael

Robbins, IL — It was that time of year, again. The aroma of ribs and other smoked meats, along with thick smoke permeated the air from massive grills. 460 more words

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Michael Jackson: An Alternative Top 10

Not dissimilar to the assassination of JFK, it seems that everyone can recall exactly where they were when Michael Jackson was pronounced dead on June 25th 2009. 823 more words


Colette Presents ‘Neverland Lost’

Sources: MJWN | Colette, Henry Leutwyler Facebook, Neverland Lost | All Things Michael

Colette, which is situated in Paris, is presenting an exhibition about the photobook ‘Neverland Lost’ by Henry Leutwyler. 624 more words

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‘Vole – Fly Away’ Tribute To Michael

Source: Michael Jackson World Network | All Things Michael

‘VOLE – Fly Away,’ a french short film made as a beautiful and moving tribute to Michael Jackson has just hit You tube to coincide with Michael’s 56th Birthday. 525 more words

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