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X-Men: First Class (2011)

“Never forget – Mutant and Proud!” Raven/Mystique

X-Men: First class is precisely what the X-Men universe needed to make a comeback. The original trilogy is very readily looked at as an “old” superhero movie. 442 more words



Adorably askew and zestily zany, Frank is a odd, offbeat, oddball surprise; a functioning, charmingly honest fable of artistic angst and aspiration; and a funny, whimsical tale with an underlying layer of deep melancholy about the fragility of art and the human psyche. 473 more words


Frank- Movie Review

          “It’s best if you just go with it,” says Scoot McNairy’s Don to Domhnall Gleeson’s John. This line not only describes the character of Frank, but also the film overall; an oddly mesmerizing but incredibly strange film. 477 more words


FRANK (2014)

 Greetings again from the darkness. Most movies fit pretty easily into a genre: drama, comedy, action, etc. This latest from film festival favorite Lenny Abrahamson… 451 more words


12 Years a Slave review

Only once in a decade do you feel that a film has truly opened its soul to you; we have had the likes of Apocalypse Now in the 70’s and its brutal honesty about the destructive power of war. 918 more words

12 Years A Slave

I have been a fan of director Steve McQueen after watching his 2011 film “Shame”. The movie which stars Michael Fassbender as a man with a sexual addiction instantly captivated me with its moving portrayal of a man who is unable to confront his demons. 216 more words


Frank (2014)

Directed by Lenny Abrahamnson

I tried to avoid reading anything about this film when I firat saw articles about it. I wanted to be surprised what the hell was going on with Fassbender’s head? 143 more words